Sunday, January 24, 2010

a snowy day in logan town

ok so there is this guy on campus and whenever it snows he comes and builds stuff! there are like three octopus' on the quad (middle of campus)! its so fun! so keisha and i went up to take pictures but it was pretty warm that day (its so sad in logan when you wake up and say that its 36 degrees and everyone says "wow thats sooo warm!!!")and so mr octopus was melting! i had to introduce myself before he joined frosty and melted!
the "A" is a reputable place on the USU campus. its where you can become a "true aggie". on a full moon if you get kissed on the A then you are a true aggie. its a huge thing up here and there is usually a line. i am not a true aggie but its fun to take a picture on the A! :) kissing a stranger for bragging rights isnt my thing but hey, it is utah!

Fun in Park City

soo much fun! my roommate Keisha and our friends Cami and Kamille and myself of course had a random extravagnaza!!! we went to Park City for Sundance Film Festival and some fun shopping. Also, we just wanted to get away from school and Logan and everything!! it was suuuuper fun! we stayed in Cami's parents house in wyoming! it was the best ever! just with the girls watching Casino Royale with that beautiful man... Bond, James Bond! :) mmmmmm yummy
So we had lunch at a pizza place on main street in the heart of Park City. it was called main street piza and noodle or something! absolutely delicious!! i loved it! it was pretty spendy but hey, your in park city, expect to pay a little more! oooh fyi we have sunglasses on to keep the snow out of our eyes! it was so much fun! and pretty sure we might have seen kevin costner. very cute for an old man! :) hehe

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Roommate Love

Theses are my roommates! Well, minus one! We were going country dancing! Its really popular in Logan! haha we had soo much fun! i could post all out good times but that would be alot! Stephanie (far left), Keisha (far right) and I went to New Moon at 230 in the morning! Just many good times! So, in order from left to right it goes Stephanie, McKell, Me, and Keisha (my babooshka! (: )