Friday, November 19, 2010

Trying To Play a Duet By Myself

So I know that most of my posts are funny, and jokey, and witty. But today, on a more serious note I wanted to talk about life. Life is....(insert word that suits your view). Serisously though, life can be a number of things. It's like a song. There are parts of a song that go really well for you. You hit the note, key, whatever, and you just feel fantastic about how your song is going right? Then there are also high parts that initially seem daunting, but when you finally hit them you feel soooo good! And you are quite literally high
(no pun intended) on life!

However, there are also points in a song that are low, and also difficult to manuver through, but have you noticed that it isn't the high notes in a song that make it rich, it is the low ones. Low points give a song, and life, perspective, richness, and meaning. I am so grateful for the low points in my life. I have become a better person and have come to understand and appreciate life because of them. The difficult part is realizing that low points, and high points for that matter, are necessary to fulfil our potential in life.

Another thing about fulfilling our potential in life is that our Heavenly Father did not intend for us to live life alone. He knew that we would not be able to do it. It's like sitting at the piano, staring at a piece of music and someone comes up and says, "Hey, why don't you play that song?" And you want to, you really do, but you can't because it is intended to be a duet, and you can't do a duet by yourself, obviously. So in relation to life, up until the point when we find our companion we are working on our part of the duet; perfecting it and making twigues so that when we find him/her we can blend. My mother always told me that you aren't a good singer until you can learn how to blend. And what a marvelous blessing, and experience it will be when we have to opportunity to blend our lives with another, making a new life, and starting the duet.

So, the point of this post is that while we need to work on our part, we cannot play a duet by ourselves.

I'm just sayin'

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This post is a tribute to beautiful men! Just plain gorgeousness, that I feel the need to admire. For beauty like that should be admired! I couldn't decide who should go in which order so they are randomly dispersed! Are you ready for this? Cause I'm not sure that you are!!
This is Ashton, and yes I think he is handsome! You can find this man in a number of movies! A few of my favorites are The Guardian, Killers, What Happens in Vegas, and others.
MMMMMMM This is Christopher! He is so handsome!! You can find him in Princess Diaries 2, Star Trek, Just My Luck, and a new movie called Unstoppable!
Oh goodness, this is Jensen. He is.... well just look at him! Mmmmhmm! You can find Jensen in Supernatural! Only one of the best TV shows ever! Special thanks to Keisha Rae for introducing me, and getting me hooked on Supernatural and Jensen. Keisha, I'm still going to name my fish Padeleski! :)
This is Jude, and I tend to have mixed feelings about him depending on what movie he is in. I do think he is handsome and I liked him in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, The Holiday, and Sherlock Holmes.
And this is Patrick, and he is in Grey's Anatomy. He is the handsome Dr. Derek Shepherd (McDreamy)! Yup he's an attractive man! Anyways, he is also in Can't Buy Me Love (a very old 80's movie, he's like 18 or 19 in this movie)  Made of Honor, Freedom Writers, and there is one more but I can't remember!

There are also real live handsome men, whom you cannot find in movies, but they are still handsome nontheless! This handsome little boy is my baby brother, Peyton Jones. He is most definitely a ladies man!

and of course the other men in my life! Dad, Travis (25), McKay (17), and Kody (16)! All amazing men!! :)

Oh and I cannot forget my beautiful nephew, Deacon Jones! He is a heartbreaker as well!

This concludes my tribute to the handsome men of my life, both directly and indirectly! Someday, maybe soon, there will be another handsome man in my life. Who knows?! :)

I'm just sayin'

Thursday, November 11, 2010

They Tempt...In A Wiley Fashion

Why is it that when you have things to do, other things that weren't as tempting before, nearly drag you away from whatever it was that you intended to do? Seriously, they are wiley tempters....they tempt in a wiley fashion( courtesy of What Happens In Vegas). For instance, when I should be sifting through research for my final research project, I am tempted to do laundry. I HATE DOING LAUNDRY!!!! Honestly, I don't understand why I can't stand laundry, I just don't like it. I like to clean. Especially vaccuuming.... I love that. It's oddly relaxing, which is why I clean when I am upset, but I just don't like laundry. It's of the DEVIL!!!

OOOOOhhh speaking of things that are of the devil, STATISTICS!!!!!. If I knew how to make that red I would. Ugh statistics is seriously the bane of my existance. Oh that ryhmes!! Also, sweaty people... ew... that is seriously of the devil. Especially when they feel the need to be close to me when they are covered in their nasty, smelly, bodily secretion. *shudders*. Ugh that makes me want to gag a little bit!

Wait how did I get here? I was talking about distractions. Apparently I distract myself! Haha! Maybe I am just easily distracted and that's why I can't focus... who knows!

Anyways back to the point. Things that tempt in a wiley fashion.... hmmm... Dang it, I can't think of anything now because I got distracted.... shoot...That's stupid!

I'm just sayin'

Top Embarrassing Moments of the Month

So, I started this on halloween. Needless to say I became distracted and never posted it, so 11 days late, and in honor of October being over, I thought I would share withh y'all my top number of embarrassing moments this month. There is no set number because I wont be able to decide which to pick yes there are that many to choose from. It's part of my charm, don't judge.). Hmm.. that looks like a nose.. do you see it?! .). tehe.. ok seriously...

1. Ahh the coveted number one spot of the list! Well this earned it's spot today the 30th of October. Which inspired me to post this post thing. SO, I was over at my study buddy's house for a little stats party, and I drove myself there from FHE. It is freezing here in Pocatello, literally. The wind has been blowing non stop since yesterday and its attrocious! After our meeting, I got in my car and drove across the apartments to my building. I parked the car, ran up the 3 flights of stairs and into my apartment only to realize that it wasn't my apartment! *GASP*and some *BLUSHING!*. The first thing i realize is that my door handle is different, and the sign isn't on the door, and there is a boy in the hall.... only to realize that I only made it to building 4, which oddly comes before 5. Needless to say while they got a chuckle, I was embarrassed.

2. Number 2 happened in the laundry room. There was a guy who came to get his stuff out of the dryer and I was there folding my laundry. He was wearing one of those chain things on his wallet that were "cool" (not really) in the 90's. I sniggered to myself, and continued to fold. Well, a pair of his scooby doo boxers (no joke) fell and caught on his chain without him noticing. I thought I would be nice and tell him. So I said, "Hey your underwear is hanging out..." and to my astonishment he pulled his pants down a little further. SO the gloves were off and I said, "aren't you a little old to be wearing scooby doo?" He looked embarrassed and like he was going to say something but instead he just laughed and walked out. I thought I had won until I noticed my bra was hanging out of the dryer and a pair of underwear was on the floor... yeah...

Those are the most embarrassing, there were others but for the sake of my pride I will not disclose them.

However, I will tell you that earlier in November, I was getting off the bus going home and I looked up and saw the guy whose apartment I walked into in October. I saw him and he saw me, then he laughed and shook nhis head. Needless to say I was quite embarrassed, and blushed. For those of you who know me well, you would know that it is hard to embarrass me seeing as how I am usually the one to make other people embarrassed and blush.

I'm just sayin...