Monday, September 27, 2010

The Hardest Words to Say

There is a phrase in the English language that no one likes to say, but inevitably, we all say it at some time. And usually to the same person.

Just cause it will be fun, guess what those words are...

Okay, time is up. For those of you who were thinking "I love you," (thanks I love you too! (: ) that wasn't it. The hardest words to say are "You were right." Seriously. I don't know if it is a pride thing that we don't like to be wrong, but those words are hard for me to say. Yet, I find myself saying them more and more now-a-days, and always to the same person.

My mom.

All those years growing up I thought that she was crazy. I knew best, and I wouls just smile and nod saying in my head that she had something in her teeth as she was lecturing me (mom, if you are reading this.... just kidding). I never thought that later I would have to tell her that she had been right all along. I always thought she would be the one to tell me I was right.

However, moms usually are right. Even when they don't hear it. If you are a mom and have a stubborn daughter like me, just know that she knows your right. So this is to all you moms out there with your awesome advice, you were right.

*Baking soda really does make your whites whiter!
*I do regret it when I don't get ready and see a gorgeous man.
*Red and white aren't supposed to be washed together.
*Clothes go in the closet, not on the floor.
*Smiling does make your day better.
* Someday we will need you (okay, everyday)

and just as an additional love note,

*Your advice is most important.
*Your hugs and kisses are sweeter than everyone elses
*We secretly love that you don't fix everything for us
*When you say something, we really are paying attention

I love you mom, and all those other mom's out there! There almost a whole General Conference session on how important you are, and trust me, we were paying attention.

I'm just sayin...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Trail..

One of my amazing MG friends has a hilarious blog! The other day she wrote a post titled "Lara Was Here." It was genius, and I thought I would to the same type of thing. They say that immitation is the higest form of flattery. Here's to you Lara.

You can tell when I've been in the

*Kitchen* by the dishes that I have most likely left on the counter. I am probably still in the room, but my dishes only made it half way to the sink.

*Bathroom* by the fact that my make up and hair things from my morning routine are not put away. My towel is probably on the floor where I left it.

*Living Room* by my homework that is strewn all across the floor, the table, the couch, the lovesac, or whereever I happened to start my homework that day.

and finally...

*Bedroom* This one is simple. My bed is probably not made, and my pajamas are in the middle of the floor where I changed that morning. Also, there might be a few outfit changes if i was in too big of a hurry to hang them back up after I decided that was not what I wanted to wear.

If per chance I happen to clean up after myself 100% of the time, (don't raise your eyebrows at me, it has been known to happen) there is still one for sure and certain way you can tell if I was there at some point. My roommate, and wubba, Keisha Rae can attest to this, for it bugged her endlessly. I leave bobby pins EVERYWHERE! This is no joke. Sometimes I decide to take my hair out whereever I am, and the pins never make it back to the bathroom. I even bought a cute soap box for them. Yet, to no avail, they are left everywhere.

I leave a trail of bobby pins. If you see this in the forest somewhere, folow it! I may have been kidnapped by a stranger and dragged into the forest to my death!

I'm just sayin...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Just Sayin'...

There are a few things I feel need addressing today.

The first of which being boys pants. Seriously, pull them up!! If you feel the need to wear them so low that your whole but is showing, why wear them at all?
** This is a rhetorical question. PLEASE continue to wear your pants. Just pull them up alright?

2. When someone makes the effort to smile at you, smile back. This is common courtesy. Learn it. Love it. Use it!

3. When you ask someone on a date, and then ask them to pay for themselves, be prepared for a dirty look. This is not proper dating etiquette. Unless of course you added the disclaimer that this date would be dutch.

4. If you have to cough, please do not cough on me. Turn your head and cough into your sleeve. This is also common courtesy. I was having a good day until you felt the need to besprinkle me with your nasty buggers. Thanks.

And finally, the epitome of all that is holy,

5. If you are sweaty....DO.NOT.TOUCH.ME. Please realize that I have a phobia of other people's sweat. Don't flippin' touch me when you are sweaty. Next time I might seriously punch you.

I'm just sayin...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Stupid Doctors

I have been feeling sick lately, so this week I went to the student health clinic on campus. If I am paying 534 a semester for this insurance, I might as well get my moneys worth right? Well I am hypoglycemic (which I already knew) so they thought maybe I could be developing diabetes or something like that. They drew some blood and told me to come back Wednesday. I came back and the nurse took me to an exam room. She said she was going to go get my results and shed be right back. I was OK with that, just hanging out. Well... she came back with this serious look on her face and said the doctor wanted to talk to me. Naturally, i start freaking out!! I remember the dream i had Monday night about getting told i was dying...that flashes through my head and i really start to freak. The nurse takes me back to the other room and takes my blood pressure. Hmm.. its pretty high she says... WELL DUH!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure i knew my pressure was high. so the doctor comes in and sits across from me, folds his hands, sighs and looks up at me. i swear at this point I'm about to cry when he tells me i have a sinus infection. I wanted to punch him in the face for scaring me like that!!! GOSH!!!! don't medical people have to learn to control their faces or something?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! stupid doctors! no wonder i get anxious at a Dr's office! well, i needed to rant and i feel better :)