Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Taco Tuesday.. Olay!

oh how i love taco tuesdays!! in case you have no idea what that is, taco tuesday is the best day in the world!!! duh!! (except for letter days of course!) on tuesdays at cafe rio, their amazingly delicious tacos are $1.50!! really?!?!?! yup! and it has become tradition with my two best friends, Jon and Alicia, that we ALWAYS go to taco tuesday and we are ALWAYS the first in line, and you must get at least one taco! it is so much fun! one time we got 12 tacos!!!!!! holy cow!! i know right?! thats 4 tacos each!! we learned from out aching bellies that night that we should never attempt to eat 12 tacos again! it is pretty much the best thing in the whole world im not gunna lie!