Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Trail..

One of my amazing MG friends has a hilarious blog! The other day she wrote a post titled "Lara Was Here." It was genius, and I thought I would to the same type of thing. They say that immitation is the higest form of flattery. Here's to you Lara.

You can tell when I've been in the

*Kitchen* by the dishes that I have most likely left on the counter. I am probably still in the room, but my dishes only made it half way to the sink.

*Bathroom* by the fact that my make up and hair things from my morning routine are not put away. My towel is probably on the floor where I left it.

*Living Room* by my homework that is strewn all across the floor, the table, the couch, the lovesac, or whereever I happened to start my homework that day.

and finally...

*Bedroom* This one is simple. My bed is probably not made, and my pajamas are in the middle of the floor where I changed that morning. Also, there might be a few outfit changes if i was in too big of a hurry to hang them back up after I decided that was not what I wanted to wear.

If per chance I happen to clean up after myself 100% of the time, (don't raise your eyebrows at me, it has been known to happen) there is still one for sure and certain way you can tell if I was there at some point. My roommate, and wubba, Keisha Rae can attest to this, for it bugged her endlessly. I leave bobby pins EVERYWHERE! This is no joke. Sometimes I decide to take my hair out whereever I am, and the pins never make it back to the bathroom. I even bought a cute soap box for them. Yet, to no avail, they are left everywhere.

I leave a trail of bobby pins. If you see this in the forest somewhere, folow it! I may have been kidnapped by a stranger and dragged into the forest to my death!

I'm just sayin...


  1. BOBBY PINS!!! UGH! hahaha. ;) i LOVE your new blog! it is perfect and I can totally hear you saying every word. . .I'm just sayin...:) loves!