Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm Just Sayin'...

There are a few things I feel need addressing today.

The first of which being boys pants. Seriously, pull them up!! If you feel the need to wear them so low that your whole but is showing, why wear them at all?
** This is a rhetorical question. PLEASE continue to wear your pants. Just pull them up alright?

2. When someone makes the effort to smile at you, smile back. This is common courtesy. Learn it. Love it. Use it!

3. When you ask someone on a date, and then ask them to pay for themselves, be prepared for a dirty look. This is not proper dating etiquette. Unless of course you added the disclaimer that this date would be dutch.

4. If you have to cough, please do not cough on me. Turn your head and cough into your sleeve. This is also common courtesy. I was having a good day until you felt the need to besprinkle me with your nasty buggers. Thanks.

And finally, the epitome of all that is holy,

5. If you are sweaty....DO.NOT.TOUCH.ME. Please realize that I have a phobia of other people's sweat. Don't flippin' touch me when you are sweaty. Next time I might seriously punch you.

I'm just sayin...

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