Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This post is a tribute to beautiful men! Just plain gorgeousness, that I feel the need to admire. For beauty like that should be admired! I couldn't decide who should go in which order so they are randomly dispersed! Are you ready for this? Cause I'm not sure that you are!!
This is Ashton, and yes I think he is handsome! You can find this man in a number of movies! A few of my favorites are The Guardian, Killers, What Happens in Vegas, and others.
MMMMMMM This is Christopher! He is so handsome!! You can find him in Princess Diaries 2, Star Trek, Just My Luck, and a new movie called Unstoppable!
Oh goodness, this is Jensen. He is.... well just look at him! Mmmmhmm! You can find Jensen in Supernatural! Only one of the best TV shows ever! Special thanks to Keisha Rae for introducing me, and getting me hooked on Supernatural and Jensen. Keisha, I'm still going to name my fish Padeleski! :)
This is Jude, and I tend to have mixed feelings about him depending on what movie he is in. I do think he is handsome and I liked him in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, The Holiday, and Sherlock Holmes.
And this is Patrick, and he is in Grey's Anatomy. He is the handsome Dr. Derek Shepherd (McDreamy)! Yup he's an attractive man! Anyways, he is also in Can't Buy Me Love (a very old 80's movie, he's like 18 or 19 in this movie)  Made of Honor, Freedom Writers, and there is one more but I can't remember!

There are also real live handsome men, whom you cannot find in movies, but they are still handsome nontheless! This handsome little boy is my baby brother, Peyton Jones. He is most definitely a ladies man!

and of course the other men in my life! Dad, Travis (25), McKay (17), and Kody (16)! All amazing men!! :)

Oh and I cannot forget my beautiful nephew, Deacon Jones! He is a heartbreaker as well!

This concludes my tribute to the handsome men of my life, both directly and indirectly! Someday, maybe soon, there will be another handsome man in my life. Who knows?! :)

I'm just sayin'

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  1. !!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! You sure do know how to make a girl smile! Perfect blog post for me! :) love you! those babies are SO darling too!