Thursday, April 29, 2010

Musical Me!

So lately I have been in a musical mode! Our tv was taken away in our apartment (long story) so all i have is music. but the only musical soundtrack that i have in logan with me is the wicked soundtrack! Let me tell you, i have a all new love for *WICKED*!!! I listen to it all day everyday! so amazing! Ah! Every song just makes me want to sing from the mountain tops! even though Glinda is two faced, and Elpheba is amazing!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Well, Hello May, Where Did April Go?

This month has gone by so fast! It has been really crazy! SOOO, there are many amazingly fun and fantstical things that have happened so far during the glorious month of April! First, I took my roommates with me to the Grande Ole' Burley Idaho Yay!!

It was so much fun!! We really had a BLAST!! I was so glad that they had fun! The next awesome thing that happened this month was the 100th episode of my favorite show ever, thanks to my dearest roommate Keisha, SUPERNATURAL!!! Oh my gosh, it really is the best show in the entire world! Two gorgeous men fighting evil, and often getting the crap beat out of them? What more could you want?!

That is the magic awesomeness of supernatural with the two most gorgeous men ever, Sam and Dean, or Jared and JENSEN!!!!!!!!!!!! oh dear, he is indeed a beautiful man! You know its true! You wanna know what else happens in veagas? haha just kidding, in april, school is DONE!!! next week, the last week of april, is my last week of school, then finals and then summer! i can already hear it calling my name!! wahhooooo! my only wish would be to have pretty red shoes to tap my heals in and make it may 7th today! Ahh, April, you were amazing indeed! I am almost sad to see you go! but not really!