Monday, June 7, 2010

Upside Down & Summertime

Well, I must say that I am a horrible blogger. My roommate Keisha did it and i though it would be fun, but my life is utterly boring. And, as soon as it gets interesting, my life gets turned upside down. I am determined never to plan out anything in my life again (not really) because everytime i do i get thrown for a loop!! Gosh! But i must say that it always works out better through the loop than i think it would have if i had done it my way. So I have been home for about a month now, and i am living with my grandparents on my mothers side. I am a nanny, which i LOVE!! Its the best job ever. Hard sometimes, ok alot of the time, but kids arent supposed to be easy. If they were, when would you learn? I have alot of time to read to. I love to read. I forgot how much i like to read, how obsessed i can get, and how many books i can read in a week! ha! I am also taking institute which i love!!!!!!!!!!! I have my old seminary teacher brother mcclure. it is the best class ever. So.. that pretty much sounds like a fun summer huh?! i think so!! ooo and im growing my hair out! its almost past the dredded awful middle stage!! onve it gets past there then i wont be so mad at it! :)