Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boredom, Borders, and Pita Pit (too bad that wasn't a b..)

Tonight i discovered that i, Courtney Mae Jones, should not be left alone for long periods of time. This is bad, very bad! For example, when you leave me alone, i become bored, and start to drive around in an effort to be out of my apartment. where do i go you ask? Where?! WHERE!?!?! I go to the worst possible place i could go.... a bookstore. Why is that the worst? Because i inevitably will buy at least one, if not more books. So i walk in and am perusing...Do i buy anything? of course not... ok maybe...yes i did! shoot! Not only did i buy A book... i bought THREE books.. shoot darn! oooh but thats not all! If only that were all... *sigh* thinking about dinner, and how (lazy i am) much i dont want to cook for myself, i go to panda, of couse they dont take checks!!! why on esarth would they do that?!? Because i wanted it, so therefore, they MUST deny my only form of payment because i have not recieved my new debit card, from a bank that shall remain nameless... so i go to pita pit (which i thoroughly enjoyed, thank you for asking) where i lose my keys. I get all the way to the apt and have to go back... for those who are wondering about the car with no keys situation... i am telepathic and can start the car with my mind... haha jk i just know a trick!! someone needs to learn to entertain herself... oohh that would be me!

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