Friday, January 28, 2011

Gus, Don't Be This Crevice In My Arm!

Alright, so to recap on my life, due to my horrible blogging skills, this is what has been happening in my life over the break!

So, my bestest friend ever, Brianna Guster Brentloaf Susan Shaw, and I are addicted to Psych!!! It is by far one of the best shows ever! Along with Big Bang Theory! Anyways, we are pretty much married... people think we are attached at the hip, but we just don't get it. We spend time apart...sometimes... like when we sleep! Anyways these are some of our adventures as of late!

This is us lost in Shelly Idaho, whilst trying to find a wedding reception. We were quite scared.... You'd think it would be hard to get lost in Shelly... It's like getting lost in Declo or something...

These are our fake pregnancy-to-see-how-we-would-look-in-church-clothes pictures!!! :) we have far to much time on our hands!
Cuteness in Logan!!! Yay!!!
We are still in logan!!! We are so awesome!!! WE totally had a blast! There will be some more pictures later! But yay!!!! I blogged! Congratulations to me!!!

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