Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Beginnings

This summer has been the summer of changes and new beginnings. I have done an inventory of my life and cut a lot of thing out that I used to think were importnant, but realized I was sadly mistaken. I had the realization that I will be 20 in 4 short months, and that I haven't done any of the things with my life that I thought I would. Sooo, welcome to the new CourtneyMae Jones! Life is too short not to live it! Almost everything has changed from my original plan. New school, new major, new roommates, new brother, new hair style, new friends, new calling, and most importantly, a new outlook on life. I'm determined to be positive about things in my life and let the Lord drive the bus. :) yay me!

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  1. Best post I have seen in the Blog world for a long time!