Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Don't Want Your Disease You Fabarazeee!

So, I arrived at my new job with a new family on Friday May 6th, And yeah, I know that was almost a month ago, but I've been busy give me a break. I travelled over 1500 miles, and three dayas with Gus to get here, and it was so worth it to be with these kids. They are fun, and undeniably hilarious. Just for introductions sake, Blondie, the oldest is twelve and she's a little shy, but has been slowly coming around. She's quite the helper though. She is gorgeous, seriously. Hammy is ten, and HI-freaking-LARIOUS! He is the main subject of the post but we will get to that. The youngerst is Toothless. She is seven and is also pretty funny. She is the most outgoing and sassy of the group! There is also Cadet. He is eleven, well twelve today I guess. He goes to a military bording school in Kansas, so I am still trying to get to know him better. He is the perfect only child. And then the other kids come home and he becomes my little cupcake baked by the freaking devil!Any ways.. Gus and myself were unpacking my room a couple weeks ago when the short people came in to help. We were rockin out to GaGa's Bad Romance and Hammy was singing along too. After he sang the line, "I want your love, and I want your disease," he stops, looks at me very seriously and says "Oh NO! I don't want your disease!" and then goes back to rockin' out. It was seriously the funniest freaking thing I have ever heard!!!. Also, the next morning the two youngest members of the short people gang were in my room playing with Gus's ipod. Hammy comes in my attached bathroom and says, "Excuse me, but Toothless wont share the ipod, and I'm very upset." HAHA! I had a hard time not laughing because his face was so serious! Toothless also has quite the funny bone. Around the same time as Hammy's lack of disease outburst, the song had changed to Poparatzi, also by the infamous GaGa, Toothless is screaming at the top of her lungs, "Iwwl fowwow you untiw you love me! Faba Faba Fabarazeee!!" Man these kids are too funny!   Thank you Blondie, Cadet, Hammy, and Toothless for making my days here full of laughs! You are my favorite short people!

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