Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Come on, seriously gentlemen. Why is it that when you touch a boy he automatically assumes that you want a relationship, and want to marry him? Is it not possible to be an affectionate person, and just want to be friends and take the time to get to know someone? Apparently, we ladies have magic cooties that scare a boy when we come in contact with them. No, we are not poisonous, and it is quite possible that we can be outgoing people. Also NO, this does not mean that we are coming on to you in anyway, shape or form.

I must have an issue with entitled men. What is it with guys that makes them think that they are so amazing and heavenly that it would be impossible for us not to want to bow down at his feet and be a doormat? Do I look like the type of person who would let you walk all over me? Use me? Dangle something shiny in front of me I'll follow you anywhere! NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN. Honestly, what self respecting woman would let someone do that to her?

BOYS: We are intelligent women. We have brains and our own thoughts, feelings, and views on things. We will not adopt yours just because you want us to. And more often than not, we really aren't coming on to you. We are just being kind, and friendly. . We need MEN!! Men who can handle a smart, beautiful, spiritual woman who can stand on her own feet. However, when we do show interest in you and you get scared and run away like a little sissy girl, that interest is gone. Well SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!  Heaven forbid we actually be interested in you. There is no need to be frightened by us, we don't have cooties. And we promise that we will not drag you to the temple and force you to marry us.

I'm just sayin'


  1. LOL! you are a funny funny gurl! but seriously though. just because we touch you doesn't mean we want a relationship! :) have you been having personal experiences with this girly?

  2. Ha yeah, but it wasn't as bad as the post makes it sound. The facts are all true and such, but I didn't initially react like this to his face. But it is how I feel. I get all these pansy boys who are ascared of me babooshka. I'm just too awesome for them I guess.