Saturday, December 18, 2010

Food Blog

Ok, so I've had some requests to make a food/cooking blog. I haven't decided if I will make a new blog or have occassional food posts on this one. If, however, I decide to go ahead with this, just know that I will most likely make a new one because cooking doesn't go along with the sassyness of I'm Just Sayin'. Also, that the post will be few and far between, as I cook something worth blogging about. It wont be a Julie and Julia type thing because most of the recipes will be my own. When they aren't I will give the correct person credit! I don't pretend to be an awesome cook, to tell the honest truth before college I rarely if ever cooked anything, and often messed it up somehow to which my parents can attest. I just started playing with stuff and found that I love it, and am fairly good about it! I haven't had any complaints so far. Plus I would much rather cook for others than myself. So, all who are reading this please leave your opinion on the comments section. Thanks much!

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  1. Just add them to this much easier to follow.