Friday, April 15, 2011

Ready, Set....Go?

I have been packed to go to Texas for a few days now. Alright for a week. Everything other than what I use everyday is ready to go, even the things that I'm not taking. The thing with all this waiting though is that is has given me a lot of time to think about my adventure! LAME. I would rather not think about it until I get there. My best friend is moving to Australia, and I've been occupied trying to get her to not go. But she is more stubborn than I am, and that's saying something! So, she's determined and I don't have anything to occupy the space that is now filled with thinking about leaving my family. HELP! I was doin' pretty good about pushing it out. I rock out to my ipod and whatev. Well yesterday, my ipod turned on me. It's EVIL!

I was walking to the bus stop, listening to my "Happy Go Lucky" playlist, because (obviously) it is filled with happy, rockin, gotta sing along songs. NO! Somehow a slow, sad, and highly annoying (only because it made me do the thing that I didn't want to do...think) song creeps in!! How the frick did you get in there?!?! BAAHH!!! Not only was it annoying because it made me want to kill myself..its a Miley song. And not only was it a Miley song, it was THIS song! RUDE!!!!! I pretty muuch was cryin on the bus....nice. I am officially that creepy, sad, pittiful girl who is randomly crying on a public bus....awesome..thank you Miley.
My dad is all for the Texas thing now. It's weird. But he's my papa bear. I'm not really sure what he's actually feeling. Both of my parents are being weird about it. Like completely supportive and letting me live my life...wait thats what parents are supposed to do?! Weird!  All jokes aside, I really am going to miss my family. My brother already wants to fly to Texas to visit me and I'm not even there yet! haha! Family is the best ever...even when they are 1,367 miles away.

I'm Just Sayin'

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